Webcast: Bend, Oregon - September 18-26, 2013

You will need the Adobe Flash Player to access the live video Webcast. We will not be able to provide technical support for your computer or software difficulties during the Webcast. You can send an email to salemucg@gmail.com if you have any comments.






Mobile Device: Video

The mobile link work best for Apple devices [iPhone, iPad, etc...]. Android users can play the video using the embedded player above.

The Webcast will begin 10 minutues before the start of the service and will continue through the closing prayer. If the stream is interrupted, wait a few seconds and, if the stream does not automatically restart, you can manually restart the stream by pressing stop and then play. All times are PST.

The video link is best suited for broadband connection (streamed around 200 kbps). 

Due to copyright restrictions or other circumstances, certain parts of the live Webcast will not be made available. This could include—but not limited to—special music, announcements or other portions of the Webcast.



Webcast Schedule (Pacific Time Zone)

The archived sermons will be available at feast.ucg.org/sermons

Wednesday, September 18 (7:30 PM)
Sermonette: none
Sermon: Larry Walker

Holy Day - Thursday, September 19 (1:30 PM)
Sermonette: Jim Rodgers
Sermon: Bob Dick

Friday, Septmber 20 (10:30 AM)
Sermonette: Tim Jorgenson
Sermon: Ken Graham

Sabbath, September 21 (1:30 PM)
Sermonette: Bill Conway 
Sermon: Herb Teitgen

Sunday, September 22 (10:30 AM)
Sermonette: Joe Hasenoehrl
Sermon: Feast Video

Monday, September 23 (10:30 AM)
Split-Sermon: Jeff Richards
Split-Sermon: Paul Moody

Tuesday, September 24 (10:30 AM)
Split-Sermon: Mike Iiams
Split-Sermon: Herb Vierra

Wednesday, September 25 (10:30 AM)
Sermonette: Jon Atkinson 
Sermon: Larry Walker 

Holy Day - Thursday, September 26 (10:30 AM)
Sermonette: Gary Johnson
Sermon: Michael Erickson

Holy Day - Thursdsay, September 26 (2:30 PM)
Sermonette: None
Sermon: Bob Dick