Webcast: Panama City Beach, Florida - September 18-26, 2013

Welcome to the LIVE webcast from the Panama City Beach, Florida Feast site! If you can view YouTube videos then you will be able view this webcast on your computer, mobile device or smart TV. Please visit the "Problems Viewing YouTube Videos?" help webpage if you experience difficulties watching the webcast.

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The Webcast will begin 10 mintues before the start of the service and will continue through the closing prayer. All times listed are Central Time Zone. If you see this message on the video screen "Please stand by. We're experiencing technical difficulties" then there is no LIVE webcast at that time. Please see the schedule below for the times when there will be a LIVE webcast.

Due to copyright restrictions or other circumstances, certain parts of the live Webcast will not be made available. This could include—but not limited to—special music, announcements or other portions of the Webcast.


Webcast Schedule (Central Time Zone)

The archived sermons will be available at feast.ucg.org/sermons

Wednesday, September 18 (7:30 PM)
Sermonette: none
Sermon: Fred Kellers

Holy Day - Thursday, September 19 (2:00 PM)
Sermonette: Jim Moody
Sermon: Don Ward

Friday, Septmber 20 (10:00 AM)
Sermonette: Paul Burnes
Sermon: Roy Holladay

Friday, Septmber 20 (7:30 PM)
Bible Study: Ken Martin

Sabbath, September 21 (2:00 PM)
Sermonette: John White
Sermon: Jerold Aust

Sunday, September 22 (10:00 AM)
Sermonette: John McClain
Sermon: Feast Video

Monday, September 23 (10:00 AM)
Sermonette: Craig Scott
Sermon: Philip Aust

We regret that we are unable to post this message due to UCG.org content policy restrictions and/or technical considerations. We apologize for this inconvenience!

Tuesday, September 24 (10:00 AM)
Sermonette: Jim Hopkins
Sermon: Ken Martin

Wednesday, September 25 (10:30 AM)
Sermonette: Tom Robinson
Sermon: Don Ward

Holy Day - Thursday, September 26 (10:00 AM)
Sermonette: Richard Kennebeck
Sermon: Fred Kellers

Holy Day - Thursdsay, September 26 (2:00 PM)
Sermonette: None
Sermon: Roy Holladay

Our equipment is packed up, so we will be posting the PM services next week when we return from the Feast.  Sorry for the delay!