Updates - October 21, 2014

Update for: All Sites

Thanks for sharing your Feast experiences by using #ucgfot!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to tag their photos, comments and videos with #ucgfot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

If you would like to view the shared #ucgfot posts go to http://feast.ucg.org/ucgfot-2014


Updates - September 26, 2014

Update for: All Sites

Share Your Feast Experiences Online - Use Hashtag #ucgfot

We are getting excited about the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles and we want you to share your Feast experiences with us and others online. If you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram share your comments, tweets or photos by using the hashtag #ucgfot and we'll post them to the feast.ucg.org website so others can see.

Updates - September 26, 2014

Update for: All Sites

Taking Personal Hymnals to the Feast or Download the UCG Hymnal App

Most feast sites in the U.S. will be projecting the hymns onto a large screen.  However, sometimes the view can be obstructed.  It is recommended that all members take their personal hymnal to the Feast of Tabernacles regardless of whether you are going to your assigned site, transferring within the U.S. or going to an international site. Nevertheless, some members want to pack as light as possible. You can also download the United Church of God hyman app for your tablet or smartphone.

Feast Site ---- Screen Projection = Yes or No

Bend/Redmond ---- No
Big Fork ---- No
Branson ---- Yes
Cincinnati ---- Yes
Jekyll Island ---- Yes
Lihue ---- Yes
New Braunfels ---- Yes
Ocean City ---- No
Oceanside ---- No
Panama City Beach ---- Yes
Phoenix ---- No
Pigeon Forge ---- Yes
Steamboat Springs ---- Yes
Wisconsin Dells ---- Yes

Canmore ---- Yes
Kelowna ---- No
Midland ---- No
Prince Edward Island ---- No

Updates - September 26, 2014

Update for: All Sites

2014 Feast of Tabernacles LIVE Webcasts

The following Feast sites are planning to offer a live webcast during the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles:

Panama City Beach, Florida (Central Time Zone)

Bend, Oregon (Pacific Time Zone)

Other Feast sites may post their sermons to this website during the Feast. Please check the sermons section during the Feast to listen to listen to archived messages.

Updates - September 25, 2014

Update for: USA Oceanside, California

Brethren attending the Oceanside Feast Site
1) All those that have volunteered to help with parking, ushering or greeting should arrive on the first day (10/9) at 9:30 am in the lobby of the QLN Center for our initial placement meetings.
This early time is only for the first day. Normal time to show up will be 75 minutes before services. We want you to spend as much time with the family as possible.
2) Please feel free to bring your personal hymnal, but be sure your name is well marked on the inside.
3) We are asking any teens that desire to serve at the Senior Citizen Banquet (10/13) to please bring black or dark blue pants and white shirt----for girls--skirt or pants and white blouse. After serving they will be served a pizza lunch.
4) Please note: We now have a teen dance on Tuesday evening (10/14). It will be held at Northcoast Village. It will be a fully chaperoned event with music similar to what is played at Camp Hye Sierra. There is a small cover charge.
Any questions feel free to email the festival coordinator, Robin Webber at: robin_webber@ucg.org

Updates - September 5, 2014

Update for: USA Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Family Dinner Dance Tickets on Sale Now!

One of the activities we are planning for this year’s Feast in Wisconsin Dells is a Family Dinner and Dance on Monday evening, October 13. This activity will be at the same location as last year, the beautiful Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center. This dinner and dance will provide you with an evening of great fun, food, fellowship and relaxation with your spiritual family. Seniors, this activity will replace the seniors luncheon we have had in year’s past and include all of you in with our larger Feast family! Dress for the evening is dressy casual.

You may begin fellowshipping from 4:00-5:00 with the dinner beginning at 5:00 and running until 6:30. The buffet dinner menu will include sliced roast beef served with a mushroom beef demi, pasta primavera with steamed vegetables, green salad, garlic mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, coffee, iced tea, and milk. Dessert as well as snacks will be provided throughout the balance of the evening after dinner has concluded and will include such items as cheese and fruit platters with crackers, fresh baked cookies, brownies, potato chips, pretzels, and party mix. A special treat is an ice cream sundae station that will be made available at 9:00! During most of the evening there will be a cash bar and unlimited free soda.

From 6:30 until 10:00 we will be providing a wide range of  music for you by our own DJ, Dan Lausted. Dan will be playing music from many different eras for your enjoyment. So get out on that dance floor and dance to your heart’s content! Dan will do his best to ensure that the music volume will be low enough to allow for conversations at the tables throughout the room.

One admission price will get you all of this and you will be provided a wristband to allow you to come and go as you please. Costs for the event are $22 for adults (ages 11-64), $17 for seniors (age 65+), and $14 for children (ages 2-10). There is no charge for children two and under who may eat from their parent’s plates. Should you desire to come to the dance only your admission is $10 per individual and $30 per family. These costs are significantly reduced from the actual costs in the hopes that everyone who wants to come will be able to. We welcome donations to help cover the costs and to help others attend.

We have a limit of 350 people for the buffet, so reserve your seat now by filling out the attached form and sending that in with your check or money order so that it is received by me no later than September 29. Please contact me for your ticket order form at randymary080104@comcast.net. Randy D'Alessandro, Wisconsin Dells Festival Coordinator

Updates - August 28, 2014

Update for: USA Panama City Beach, Florida

Greetings once again,

We're now 6 weeks away from the beginning of the Feast and we hope you're preparing for it. I want to update you on additional housing that's offered by Edgewater. They now have another property just east of the Majestic Condos called the Grand View. In the Grand View there are 3-bedroom condos (two baths) available for those who wanted a 3-bedroom condo in one of the three towers run by Edgewater but perhaps could'nt acquire one. The cost is a little less than a deluxe 3-bedroom condo at Edgewater. My wife and I previewed them and the two that we looked at were well appointed. The Grand View condos overlook the ocean immediately and directly and you would enjoy an impressive and extensive view west or east along the coastline. These just opened up and there are 19 of them available for UCG.

All the best for a great and joyous Feast of Tabernacles to you all,

Jerold W. Aust

Feast Coordinator, PCB 

Updates - August 15, 2014

Update for: USA Oceanside, California

Opportunity to serve at Oceanside Feast of Tabernacles
We are asking for help on Parking Lot Teams at the Feast in Oceanside.
We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to help in directing traffic in the various parking lots.

The service commitment requires you to be at QLN Conference center 1 ½ hours prior beginning of services.

The goal is to get enough volunteers so that we can limit the amount of days one would need to serve to 3 or 4 maximum. We are encouraging our teens and young adults to step forward also to help in this area.

This is an important Team service that helps everyone that attends.

Interested on being on the Parking Team? Please contact Perry Weis
Phone or text to: 310-629-0897 / email to perryweis@gmail.com

Updates - August 9, 2014

Update for: USA Panama City Beach, Florida

Greetings to all Panama Beach Feastgoers, 

The Feast is now only two months away and it will be on us before we know it. Now is the time to begin preparing for the Feast. In Panama City Beach, we now have over 1,000 + members registered and history shows us that we will have more who visit us during the Feast of Tabernacles. This year marks my 53rd Feast of Tabernacles; my wife Mary Ann has attended over 60 Feasts of Tabernacles (although she is younger than I). Our plan is to help you have your best Feast ever so you can help others have their best Feast ever.

Everything is progressing well in planning for the Feast in Panama City Beach, although we still have some important things to accomplish. We are planning for the best messages and music during the 2014 Feast and with God's help, we will. Please pray for the success of the Feast brethren and always remember that we are commanded to come to the Feast to rejoice with God and His saints. Rejoice is the key word here and we have much to rejoice about.

Thank you in advance for choosing to enjoy the Feast at Panama City Beach and remember to pray as well for all of the department heads and their assistants, for without their service, the Feast couldn't come together. Thanks in advance for all of you who will serve at the Feast. For those who are handicapped and need close parking, please see me early on and pick up a special parking pass. For those who plan on playing in our golf tournament, we have better news! Because of a mixup in the Holiday Golf Course scheduling, we now have a new and better entry fee of $20 per golfer, not $35! Register for this tournament at jwaust@comcast.net and include your name, phone number and email address by September 12th. Payment is due by September 19th (the address for payment will be forwarded to you after September 12th).  

Sincerely in Christ's Service,

Jerold W. Aust, Feast Coordinator, Panama City Beach, Florida 2014

Updates - August 8, 2014

Update for: USA Oceanside, California

The Feast of Tabernacles is just two months away and we are preparing to praise and rejoice before God at the Feast of Tabernacles.
Music is a very important part of our services.
If you are attending the Oceanside Feast Site and desire to serve in the choir or perform special music would you please personally contact Mr. Dan Salcedo as soon as possible at Dan_Salcedo@ucg.org or feel free to call him at (714) 637-4335.  

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